Our mission: Fostering everyday creativity and innovation.

Today, innovation is the secret sauce of company success and a powerful way to make your employees happier and more engaged. Majority of company executives claim to be serious about innovation, yet few workplaces are designed to nurture the creative process, collaboration and play.

We create the right physical and cultural environment that will encourage creative thinking, playful experimenting, partnering and sharing. By involving your employees in this fun and engaging transformation process, we put innovation in motion.

Why work with us?

Good Morning Creativity is a design & innovation agency creating spaces and projects for better thinking, learning and innovating.

We understand how creative collaboration works:

Our journey started with designing creativity programs and innovation workshops. We work closely with organizations on promoting everyday creativity, accelerating innovation and developing intrapreneurs in simple, practical and playful ways.

We don’t design cool spaces, we design spaces for innovation:

Many architects and interior designers create stunning office spaces. But very often, they focus rather on ‘esthetics’ than on ‘functionality’. We create spaces that foster creative thinking and facilitate individual or collective work on innovation projects.

We make your people part of the design process:

Every creative space is designed with a ‘user in mind’. Before designing any space, we observe the way you work and collaborate, we discuss how you wish to foster creativity and we design the space together with your people.

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Our design principles

Activity Based Design


We design spaces according to activities that you need to perform in your business. Our methodology called “Playground #5” focuses on designing spaces that foster creative collaboration.

Frugal Design

Rethink, Reuse, Reduce

We believe that office redesign does not need to be expensive for it to create optimal functionality. Smart design solutions such as FURNITURE MAKEOVER help create a unique space by reusing existing materials.

Participatory Design

For You, By You

We get your people involved in the design of their own creative workplace. They’ll have the opportunity to co-create the concept with our designers and express their own creativity and other hidden talents during the Design Days.

Our approach

The primary difference between us and our competitors is that we help our clients to build a stage for innovation and teach them to use it.

Our methodology called “PLAYGROUND #5” is a group of 5 core principles for designing an inspiring workplace. This way, the spaces we create are perfectly in line with user’s needs and the innovation process of the company.

Finally we teach people how to use their new space well. We help them to launch the first innovation workshops, organize inspiring events and develop a new culture.

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