Develop some of the most essential creative skills, accelerate innovation projects and start building a new culture.

The Innovation Department is not the only department with naturally creative thinkers. Start nurturing and developing creative skills of all your employees and give them opportunity to discover, experiment and launch innovative projects across the entire company.

Are you looking for creativity & innovation experts? We have completed more than 100 projects in 10 different countries.

& Leadership

If you want to build a culture of innovation, your leadership team needs to understand and promote creativity and develop innovation skills across the organization. In our workshops they’ll learn about:

  • innovator’s skills
  • managing innovation
  • inspiring change
  • creative team management
  • innovation culture

Customer references:

  • Vigor Events
  • Accenture
  • EY
  • Renault
  • APM Terminals


Train your internal team of ‘Innovation Facilitators’ who will facilitate creative discussions, design and deliver innovation workshops and mentor project teams. In our seminars they’ll learn about:

  • creative techniques & tools
  • “learning by doing”
  • graphic facilitation
  • creative meetings
  • innovation workshops

Customer references:

  • Disney University
  • HEC Executive Education
  • United Nations
  • Beiersdorf
  • Corporate Universities Summit


Accelerate innovation by gathering experts from different fields and allowing them to think outside the box. They’ll create innovation projects to solve real business issues and they’ll learn about:

  • customer centered innovation
  • design thinking process
  • creative problem solving
  • idea prototyping
  • creative project pitch

Customer references:

  • Ayming
  • La Fabrique
  • Delphi
  • Gras Savoye
  • Connect Coworking

at Work

Your company is full of creative individuals. Discover and unleash their hidden potential and allow them to use their skills on solving everyday business challenges. In this program they’ll learn about:

  • creative problem solving
  • organizational innovation
  • creative workplace
  • individual creativity
  • collective creativity

Customer references:

  • TEDx (Paris, Bruxelles)
  • Cisco Systems
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • Here
  • Publicis Groupe


Innovation teams need different creative profiles. Which one is yours?

These is more than one way of being creative. Some people have a vision, some ask curious questions, some have ideas and some like to test them. Find out which creative profile suits you best before you start developing innovation skills.

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