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Nela Zainuddin
Nela ZainuddinFounder & CEO
Nela is the creative brain behind all the design projects. She designs innovation programs and creative spaces. She is an expert in business creativity, innovation culture, playful pedagogy and she helps clients to create the right physical and cultural environment to make innovation part of everyday work. Nela is a published co-author of “My Paris Story” – story of 22 women entrepreneurs and she is currently working on her 1st creativity book.
Karim Zainuddin
Karim ZainuddinCo-founder & Director
Karim’s work is all about change. When the new creative space is set up, he works with clients on launching the change program. He designs and facilitates Skills Labs, Prototyping Workshops and Innovation events such as Hackathon. He helps managers and teams to communicate openly about innovation, educate others and embrace the change. Karim helps internal innovation managers implement their innovation strategy through group and one-to-one coaching.
Catherine Bourlier
Catherine Bourlier Director
Catherine is our strategy guru. Thanks to her extensive experience in large corporations across various industries, she knows how to connect workplace design with a business’s strategy and objectives. She designs and facilitates strategy and culture workshops and ensures the involvement from the key people. Clients always value her advice and insightful tips inspired by an ongoing benchmarking of the latest innovation and technology projects in France and abroad.
Pali Dudrik
Pali DudrikCreativity Facilitator
Pali is Good Morning Creativity facilitator and consultant at Accenture. He discovered his passion and enthusiasm for active learning at AIESEC by leading a local branch in Košice. In 2013 he joined our team in order to share this passion with others. Among his projects you can find the workshop on Visual Thinking at Slovak Technical University, and Creative LABs organized in Connect introducing topics such as Innovating with Analogy and Creative Management.
Natalia Luptakova
Natalia LuptakovaGraphic Facilitator
Natália is Good Morning Creativity’s graphic facilitator and educator. Although her background is in Industrial Design, her aptitude for visual thinking and visual learning have led her to come up with her own way of simplifying ideas and discovering connections through doodling and graphic recording. Since she joined the Good Morning Creativity team, she has facilitated numerous creative workshops and did live sketching of speaker’s stories at TEDx Bratislava.
Katja Nikolajenko
Katja NikolajenkoLearning Innovator
Katja is our learning innovator and facilitator. She’s a curious Latvian full of positive energy who is passionate about innovating her everyday work. Very often she challenges herself to try new things in order not to stay in a comfort zone for too long. This was exactly the drive that brought her to Education Engine team in IBM, where she currently works as learning facilitator. She believes that positive vibes are contagious and always creates a great atmosphere in her workshops.
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We collaborate closely with experts focusing on product and service innovation, agility, entrepreneurship or digital innovation.

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