Improved collaboration and enhanced creativity – discover the true power of great workspace design.

More than designing just cool office spaces we design functional and inspiring spaces for everyday innovation. We put your employees at the center of the design process and allow them to lead the transformation during Design Days.

Your teams are fully involved in the process of designing and decorating your spaces for thinking, learning and innovating:

Design Journey Plan

Together with your employees we define the design journey plan. This plan includes the project timeline, roles and responsibilities of key people involved and the key milestones such as Design Day(s). We will provide you with all the instructions necessary for smooth implementation.

Furniture & Decoration

We carefully handpick furniture and decoration objects according to the design concept you’ve chosen. If you’d like, you can join us as we shop for your space and make specific selections. We can even set up a mock workstation to ensure your staff loves your new furniture too.

Creative Supplies

Creative thinking and collaboration requires various supplies. Our innovation consultants know the best choices when it comes to color markers, visual boards, thinking toys, props and other creative supplies. Once your workplace is set up, we will teach you how to use these new tools during your innovation sessions.

Design Days

We believe that your employees should be at the heart of this transformation. We organize Design Days to set up your new creative spaces together with your employees. This way, they can take the ownership of the new space and facilitate the change process later on.

Transformation Video

Our multimedia team will film and photograph the space before, during and after the transformation. A professional video teaser and photo report will be available to you for your internal and external communications. These visual stories will help you inform others about this pioneering project.

Creative Space Opening

Your new creative space deserves an opening event to celebrate the results. We help you organize this important moment that will enable you to communicate about the next steps, get people excited and invite them for the first workshops or guest discussions planned for the upcoming months.

Your creative space has been already set up?

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