Define a strategy for transforming your business from the inside out by making space for innovation.

Space matters. We read a physical space the same way we read a human face. But if you think that creative workspace design is all about interiors, think again. It is all about people and creative activities that lead to innovation.

Before designing your future space, we talk about your way of working and innovating and define your creative workplace strategy:

Visual Map

Our innovation experts and workplace consultants gain a deep understanding of your business. Together we’ll discuss your needs and goals, your people, culture, existing processes and technology. We will create a visual map of your innovation strategy upon which we design your workplace strategy.

Discovery Expeditions

The main objective of these on-site expeditions is to understand how you use the space today and identify the main barriers blocking creativity of your people. We will observe workplace behaviors, photograph your office space and discuss with your teams about their needs and innovation drivers.

Culture LABs

Your future workplace needs to reflect your company culture and become an instrument for fulfilling your mission. We organize creative labs where your people discuss how to foster innovation at work and imagine how to translate your company identity and core values into the workplace design.

Design LABs

This is when we put all elements together. Your key people are closely involved in the design process to ensure your new office has the perfect balance of creativity and practicality. Together we will build a maquette of various spaces for innovation activities uniquely tailored to fit your company’s identity.

Concept Proposal

We prepare a complete design proposal consisting of the results of your workplace analysis, insights from people discussions and creative workshops, drawings of the future space and the budget requirements. Everything you need to give your official GO to start the transformation. In short, this is where the fun begins.

Your creative workplace strategy has been defined?

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Next step!