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9 dot puzzle – solution Leave a comment Read more »

9 dot puzzle – solution

The moment of finding out the solution is always a mixture of various feelings. Either we are happy and proud of ourselves because we solved it, or we feel bit disappointed because we had to look up for the solution. But let us tell you…

Adams’ swimming pool puzzle – solution 2 Comments Read more »

Adams’ swimming pool puzzle – solution

Of course this puzzle could have several solutions. When this question was asked to a group of children, they suggested that Adams family could: – enlarge the swimming pool and keep trees where they are on the small islands – make the swimming pool twice deeper…

FLOP brainteaser – solution Leave a comment Read more »

FLOP brainteaser – solution

Once we see word “FLOP” we tend to exclude other possibilities, despite the strange combination of colors. Yet if you look better on the letter “O” in flop, once you change your perspective, you can see letter “I” instead (need only to switch colors). Now…