Fast Company magazine has issued for the second time the list of the 100 most creative people in business of the year. If you wonder how they built this list, their explanation is simple: “We looked for dazzling new thinkers, rising stars, and boldface names who couldn’t be ignored.“ Bit general definition, but when you’ll see the diversity of the people, you’ll understand why.

Besides the fact, that many of nominated people are from US, the list is very interesting and exhaustive. Therefore Good Morning Creativity team reviewed each nominee (it took us few hours!!!), checked their profiles, watched their videos and based on the 100 MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE IN BUSINESS 2011, we created the short-list called “THE MAGIC 12”. In our opinion, these are the 12 most inspiring people who are definitely worth checking out and learning from them!!!

4. JACK DORSEY / Square – chairman of twitter who invented a revolutionary product called Square. His new service lets anybody to accept credit-card payments with their iPhones. The future belongs to smartphones! (Video)

5. SEBASTIAN THRUN / Google – Google guy who invented self driving car: a car driven by onboard computer – like planes. Each car is equipped with sensors that gather millions of data points per second about the surroundings and differentiate cars, pedestrians, birds, you name it. Sounds like a car from the future! (Video)

7. SAL KHAN / Khan Academy – Reinventing education! He developed true adaptive learning platform allowing students to solve problems at their own pace, using a computer program that gives them instant feedback, charts their progress, and rewards them when they get 10 correct answers in a row. (Website)

11. SAM KASS / The White House – Chef at White House trying to find the way to make kids eating healthy food! In addition, they run program called ‘Healthy Kids’ in order to change the law to make school food healthy, nutritious and tasty. (Video)

15. ERIC DISHMAN / Intel – Rethinking healthcare! His goal is to enable 50% of care in the U.S. to be delivered in the home by 2020. “That’s game-changing for quality of life, and a trillion dollars in potential savings.” This January, his work inspired a spin-off company, Care Innovations GE, a joint venture between GE and Intel. (Video)

29. TONY HSIEH / Delivering Happiness – Using happiness as business model! They are connecting corporate values and personal values. He launched a motivational consultancy, that will advise on company culture as well as offer packaged experiences, such as pottery classes and helicopter lessons. (Website)

32. ANN HAND / Project Frog – Revolutionary building construction model – flat like Ikea! Her firm creates low-energy prefab buildings that reduce both cost and waste while optimizing performance for the users inside. She is determined to revolutionize the entire U.S. commercial-building market. Read more about Project Frog. (Website)

41. JOHN JAY / Wieden+Kennedy – He is firstly great listener, trying to understand the soul of his clients. He is co-founder of the advertising agency that is a catalyst for innovation on a global scale in areas outside of what used to be called advertising. (Video)

53. CHIEF ALMIR / Surui Amazon Tribe – Tribal leader Chief Almir of the Surui people in the Brazilian Amazon has looked to a surprising source to help his tribe maintain its traditional way of life: Google. The tribe created an online “cultural map” of the Surui with stories from the tribe’s elders that are uploaded onto YouTube and many more. (Video)

56. SUNNI BROWN / BrightSpot I.D. – She says that “visual language is one of our best friends and that giving an idea shape and a visual representation makes it come to fruition.” She is running a real ‘Doodle Revolution’ that you can join as well. (Website)

68. HANS ROSLING / Gapminder Foundation – he run several myth-busting presentations on international development at TED, and he developped Trendalyzer software, that creates captivating stories out of statistics on GDP, education, and birth rates. Simply said, he makes you love the statistics ! (Video)

92. NICOLE VANDERBILT / – She developed the 3-D Room Planner. This tool lets professionals and novices alike design virtual rooms, fill them with items from some 800 retailers, and get feedback from the site’s 100,000 members — all before buying a single thing. (Website)

We hope these amazing stories and creative examples of innovative businesses will inspire you and you will join the REVOLUTION!