Are you looking for creativity workshop in Paris and you missed our January Creative LAB? Here you can find several projects that we organize in partnership with other networks and institutions. If you are not member of these organizations, you can still attend as a guest (non-member).

EPWN – European Professional Women’s Network
5.2.2013 – Customer focused Creativity

Delivering extraordinary business outcomes goes hand in hand with making your customer happy. This is key for people working directly with external stakeholders, but even if you work on internal projects and processes, customers are just as important. This workshop will help you to learn to transform organization-focused objectives into customer-focused ones, discover creative ways how to question status quo stopping you from success and how to generate innovative ideas.

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ADETEM – National Association of Marketing Professionals
26.2.2013 – Innovation by Analogy

How would Picasso or Einstein solve your business problem? Finding inspiration from another industry or famous person is the key when using analogy thinking. Often we can identify brilliant solutions that already exist in other fields but maybe we never thought about it. This workshop will help you to apply this creative method on your marketing project and understand thinking process step-by-step. (in French)

More information HERE! (workshop in French)

AMCHAM – American Chamber of Commerce (Professional Women’s Committee)
25.4.2013 – Developing Women Innovators via the “Five Discovery Skills”

Companies need to develop more women leaders who can drive innovative projects, who are not afraid of experimenting and who know what it takes to make the workplace creativity friendly. In this interactive workshop you will discover the five key skills that your employees need to develop in order to innovate at work: observing, questioning, associative thinking, creative networking and experimenting.

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