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Let's innovate education... bit by bit! Leave a comment Read more »

Let’s innovate education… bit by bit!

Innovating education is like trying to EAT AN ELEPHANT! It’s impossible to do it all at once and you get easily discouraged, because eating an elephant takes quiet a while. The solution? Cut the elephant (EDUCATION) into small pieces and eat (INNOVATE) it bit by bit. …

Visual coaching for creative entrepreneurs Leave a comment Read more »

Visual coaching for creative entrepreneurs

Nina is a talented fashion designer who started ATELIER 52 a while ago. We met thanks to the collaborative project My Paris Story – a book written by 22 women authors who share their stories and entrepreneurial adventures in Paris. At the end of one meeting, we discussed…

Sparkling creativity at Global Women's Forum 2013 Leave a comment Read more »

Sparkling creativity at Global Women’s Forum 2013

This year we had the honor to facilitate Creativity LAB workshop for Publicis Groupe at the Global Women’s Forum in Deauville. The event brings together leaders from all over the world in order to give new perspectives to key issues, to create a powerful global network,…

How to paradox your solution? Leave a comment Read more »

How to paradox your solution?

Many leaders talk about creating disruptive innovation but only few are able explain to you where to start and how to do it. Imagine you are managing a team of 5-10 people. The top management is pushing you to come up with something new, something…

Creativity workshops in Paris 2 Comments Read more »

Creativity workshops in Paris

Are you looking for creativity workshop in Paris and you missed our January Creative LAB? Here you can find several projects that we organize in partnership with other networks and institutions. If you are not member of these organizations, you can still attend as a…

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