Good Morning Creativity is launching a collaborative challenge called “CREATIVITY EQUATION” that will be published on our Facebook Page each Friday.

What is it about? CREATIVITY EQUATION is YOUR definition of what happens when we combine Creativity + Something Else. The objective is wake up your creativity by sharing your ideas and thoughts and creating your own definitions. Don’t forget, here is no wrong answer.

How to participate?
– go to Good Morning Creativity FB page each Friday
– add your result answer for the Creativity Equation of the week
– check the last week definitions and vote for the best ones with your “Like”
– check the monthly summary of the best equation results on our website

And here you can find some of your answers on Creativity Equations:
Creativity + Higher Education = revolution, Sir Ken Robinson, fun, …
Creativity + Problem = several creative solutions, innovation, mother of innovation, …
Creativity + City = Paris, Milan, New York, Singapore – meaning Light of the South, …

This week Creativity Equation: Creativity + Fridge = ? (write your answer on our FB page)