We develop innovative companies by designing the workspace and building the culture that promote creativity and innovation.

Who we are

We are creative workplace designers, innovation consultants and incurable rebels. We help organizations to rethink and redesign their office spaces in order to create a workplace that facilitates collaboration, fosters creative thinking and accelerates innovation within the company. Once the new space is created, we help our clients develop their creative skills and build a culture of innovation.

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What we do

We work with a four-stage process to transform your business from inside out. We can guide you through the entire process or simply focus on one particular stage:

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Case Study: Alma Consulting

Alma Consulting’s objective was to ignite creativity in their employees and build a culture of innovation. In their Lyon office, they sought to redesign an empty open space of 80m2 as a part of a six-month innovation program.

After the initial analyses and preparations, we organized the Design Day and together with Alma employees, we transformed this grey unused office space into an INNOVATION PLAYROOM. Very quickly it became the center spot for conducting creative workshops and inspiring guest sessions.

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Our Design Principles

Activity Based Design


We design spaces according to activities that you need to perform in your business. Our methodology called “Playground #5” focuses on designing spaces that foster creative thinking and facilitate innovation.

Frugal Design

Rethink, Reuse, Reduce

We believe that office redesign does not need to be expensive for it to create optimal functionality. Smart design solutions such as FURNITURE MAKEOVER help create a unique space by reusing existing materials.

Participatory Design

For You, By You

We get your people involved in the design of their own creative workplace. They’ll have the opportunity to co-create the concept with our designers and express their own creativity and other hidden talents during the Design Days.

It’s not about creative space. It’s about making space for creativity.

Imagine a workplace where each space is designed for a different creative activity. A workplace that allows you to both concentrate and collaborate, and is a combination of a playground and a creative studio.

Inspiring Spaces

Inspiring Spaces

Inspiring Spaces stimulate our curiosity and foster creative thinking at work. Examples: Brain Gym, Curious Land, Story Hallways.

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Collaboration Spaces

Collaboration Spaces

Collaboration Spaces are designed for ideation workshops and prototyping work. Examples: Innovation Playroom, Hotel Ideation Rooms.

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Playful Spaces

Playful Spaces

Playful Spaces allow us to get disconnected and think while having fun. Examples: Play Area, Fablab, LEGO Calendar or Culture Wall.

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Thinking Spaces

Thinking Spaces

Thinking Spaces enable us to focus on a complex task or do strategic thinking. Examples: The Garden, Blue Hub, Focus Chambers.

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Agile Spaces

Agile Spaces

Agile Spaces are designed for start-ups using visual and agile methods. Examples: Stand up Rooms, AgiLAB, Visual Meeting Rooms.

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Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture

Our Culture Programs help to create new behaviors and develop skills of innovators. Examples: CreaCompass Assessment, InnoDays, Skills LAB.

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Our Happy Clients

“Finally something creative, practical and straight to the point. I loved how you helped us simplify our ideas and formulate mini-actions to get started.”


“We really need more time and space for creativity. Just like we had today!”


“Very impressive workshop that I had never done before! It helped us open our minds, think differently and learn a lot from other colleagues.”


“The facilitator did an excellent job providing not just knowledge but also squeezing in a lot of practice time, so we could learn by doing.”

United Nations

“Alma Consulting develops a culture of innovation and has given us the possibility to design a place dedicated to creativity. We called it Bubble.  The space that we have created together with great enthusiasm allows us to disconnect from work and focus on our innovative projects.”

Alma Consulting

“Thank you for this seminar! It helped us to step back and rethink the way we work.”

Sanofi Pasteur

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